About the band

Tokyo Chuo-Line is the name of our band. We are an instrumental band, consists of Ken Ohtake on guitar, Toru Hayakawa on bass, and Noriaki Fukushima on drums.  
Name of the band comes from a railway in Tokyo city. There is one train running across Tokyo city and it is called "Central line" (Chuo-Line).  
Lots and lots of bars, live houses, clubs are in the area and 3 of us grew up playing those jazz and rock venues when we were younger. We still do. So the word "Tokyo Chuo-Line" has a symbolic meaning to our musical journey. Yes, it is one our key element.

Originally, Ken and Toru started to play duo concerts in Taiwan back in 2013. Their first encounter was when they were in the university and played together a lot since then,  including long-time collaboration with Hakka folk singer Lin Sheng Xiang in Taiwan.  
After some shows they decided that we need a drummer. Then decided to invite Noriaki to play. 
Toru and Noriaki (everyone calls him Nori) go way back. Toru and Nori first started to play together  in their mentor's band in 2000. Their mentor was a legendary jazz drummer in Japan,  Ryojirou Furusawa. They played in his band called "Ne" (which means "root" or "tone of a sound") until 2011.After countless gigs and various sessions together,Toru and Nori trust each other so much.  

So the first time the 3 members came together was in 2014. We did a tour and played in  Legacy Taipei (6/12), Room335 Tainan (6/13) and In Our Time Kaosiung(6/14). We did a live recording. And released a live debut album "佇台南 Live in Tainan" in May 2015.  
Actually at that time we didn't call ourselves "Tokyo Chuo-Line" yet but we name the concert event as  "Tokyo Chuo-Line Unexpected". And the people in Taiwan kept referring to the band as "Tokyo Chuo-Line" since then so we realized the name had already stuck. So we decided to call ourselves that from 2017. 
In May 2017, we released a studio album called "One Line"

Our repertoire is original compositions. Ken has his unique exquisite way of playing guitar and great with his way of creating texture, and that shows in his composing also. Toru creates tunes that has a big open space to improvise over and allows anything to happen, like we play in a big playground. Nori's groove is always big and strong but at the same time, his composing  is surprisingly melodic and interesting. 3 of us have a background of jazz influence but we improvise not strictly in traditional jazz manner,but allow ourselves to let anything happen. And our long term relationship makes this band ensemble more tasteful and full of sensitivity.  

So far we've been playing in Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong but in future, if we get a chance, we might go to your town to play music!

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Toru Hayakawa (Bass)       Ken Ohtake (Guitar)      Noriaki Fukushima (Drums)